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Arctos 6135 Update November 11


Greetings! Last week, Team Arctos 6135 participated in the Southwest International off-season event in Windsor. Hosted by FRC Team 772, this event gave us the chance to compete in the same FIRST Stronghold game as last year, but this time with more knowledge and experience. Not only did our team gain very valuable experience while there, we did quite well! Advancing into the quarterfinals as alliance captain, we were joined joined by the Sabre Bytes (Team 772), as well as KENNEDYcache (Team 5408). After making it into the finals, our alliance reached 2nd place overall. The Southwest International regional event inspired a lot of renewed spirit in the team and gives us a lot more confidence moving forward!

As well, this Wednesday we displayed our robot at the grade 8 open house, using three defenses and a boulder at the club showcase. We amazed the grade 8s with what our bot can do and told parents about what we do and what happens in FRC. We hope to have inspired many students to take an interest in robotics and our team so that they may take part next year!