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Arctos 6135- Update October 2


Greetings from Team Arctos 6135! The Fall Fiesta and Southwest International off-season events are approaching! For those not in the know, these events have the same FIRST Stronghold game as last year. Now that we have already competed in this game once, we are working on adding more features to the robot improve our performance further.

The new school year has started, but we've already started working hard. This week, we redesigned our electrical board, reworked our ball shooter prototype, and started making some business calls. We also had an information session with those interested in joining and had over 100 people sign up to join. Overall, it has been a very productive week for our team.

We've also started the Arctos 6135 blog, in which we post weekly updates and news to let people know what's happening. Check out the this page regularly for updates!

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